Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Spanish Renaissance Army - half done

By which I mean the Spanish in Italy up to 1518 is done.  I forgot to make up 4 skirmisher bases for the battle with Ian (now done) and have also based up some more Genitors (skirmish horse) as well as more artillery (which will sit behind my lovely entrenchments to pop away at all comers).

This will form the core of the Imperial army (post 1518) - which moves into pre-tercio units with combined pike and shot.  Interestingly all books I've read on the Italian Wars suggest that such units were available and used by the Spanish well before that date but are not in the PoW lists.


  1. I have my doubts about whether they operated as single units or whether the better Spanish command and their veteran troops just worked together better than any other army; in essence separate pike and shot units which enable the full power of the shot, and full pike units that are not fighting at a lesser pike ratio!

    1. Except the Spanish have no pike options unless they choose Landschnekts from the German list.