Tuesday, 13 October 2015

WW1 Eastern Front

The above picture was taken to illustrate the use of hex terrain under a battle map to create a gently rising crest to the left.  Don't know if this is too subtle for us and whether we would need laser pens to determine line of sight?

Check out the link below for the latest GW Spearhead batrep.  It features Russians, Germans and Austro-Hungarians.  The chap we met at JoS put on an Eastern Front game from the pending scenario book at last weekends SELWG show in London.  There are some great shots of his troops and terrain and he is a big believer in correct lines of sight in which he uses hex terrain covered in a battle mat to get the contours right.  He also uses a lot of the same field mats that Russ has just bought.


Also, it would appear that prebombardment does not shell hole the terrain as it would take months to create enough damage to enable the units at this scale to benefit from not being in the open; in essence shelled terrain is a scenario or pregame condition!  So, those poor infantry are still shot at with a +1 for being in the open - the example they use is that before the Somme offensive the bombardment took place over weeks and it still provided little cover for the attacking British infantry.

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  1. Looks fantabulous! Not sure about LoS in 6mm as the scale just doesn't approximate.