Monday, 19 June 2017

New Baccus ECW Pike & Shot 24 Hr Challenge

I picked up a few packets of the new Baccus ECW range at Phalanx on Saturday.

I wanted to see if I still had the horsepower to get a unit painted and based all in 24 hrs.

I used a quicker painting technique this time and avoided the use of any highlights

Everything was kept as simple as I could bare to resist!
Primed using vallejo black primer, then block painted the faces.
I sued grey instead of a metallic on the helmets just to see what it looked like.

Overall  - pleased with the result in the time it took. I finished them off with a coat of gloss and matt airbrush varnish. They are "wargame" standard and that's all that counts these days.


mark shakespeare said...

is this a new army???

Russ Fewtrell said...

Difficult to say really. Certainly not something for this year but it is possible yes

mark shakespeare said...

its very nice and in 24hrs impressive

Ian said...

wow. They are a very good war games standard!

Phil Broeders said...