Monday, 12 June 2017

return of the jedi

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Saturdays battle
Imperial might

rebel scum

turn 1
we used a slightly deeper table than the tournament one, I was assuming that we would need the room

Rebel fighters and bombers stream forward, Imperials maintain a steady advance

Turn 2
still closing, lighter Imperial ships try to envelope on both flanks

Ouch time!

The Imperial centre came under extreme pressure and was destroyed by concentrated rebel attacks

Imperial right hook went too far out before the swing in and contributed very little to the battle

Centre breaking

Imperial centre gone
Rebels lost 3 ships
Imperials lost 6 ships
Rebels 633
Imperials 610 ish
Another win for the rebels
The emperor will not be pleased


  1. I was fortunate that you never used your other gladiator to influence the centre but I was very happy with my assault frigate as a solid flank defender which really came in to its own later on with double broadside attacks that proved painful.

    I did not use my squadrons very well and made a mess of things early on. Losing Luke again by throwing him out too far stung me and I could of used Mouldy Crow better than I did.

    Your early Tie bomber attack with Rhymer turned the tide and I struggled to balance the fighter battle. It was only really from turn 4 and 5 that I was able to get my X wings in and sweep up some extra Imperial points.

    It was good to take out both your star destroyers but I was in no doubt that I had little chance to take down your ISD.

    Lots of ships on table with lots of tactical opportunities, it was a great game and an enjoyable day

    Thanks Mark

  2. Darth Vader wants a 'word' with you....

  3. That looked Ace! Chalk me up for the next one!

  4. I'd thought you would know not to faff around with those flank moves by now!

  5. i just cant help myself
    sweeping in from the flank
    is what us cavalry men do

  6. What a pity you were playing starwars then!