Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Thursday Night Game

7th Armoured's first clash with the Italians

A small game featuring a superbly trained but poorly equipped 7th Armoured sparring with a more numerous Italian foe in an initial confrontation on the Libyan/Egyptian border.  I thought this would be an easily managed game that would give a good introduction to using mobile units in a sparse arena.

Frank moves his advance guard onto the objective.  Mark deploys his lead unit in an indirect position; this turns out to be an inspired decision.

Superior Italian firepower forces Frank to break off.  Ozy successfully rolls for a flank march and advances boldly against Mark's position.

Russ has held back the bulk of the Italian troops and times his commitment to perfection.  Ozy finds his troops squeezed between the jaws of Mark and Russ and his troops are routed.  However, Frank's riposte nearly wins the game for the British.
It was a great game well played by both sides.  Frank nearly rescued the game for the British with a well considered use of combined arms that kept Mark pinned and nearly routed Russ.  Mark was held in check by Russ who successfully launched the winning Italian move at just the right moment.  Mark, chomping at the bit, just about kept his exposed force safely placed in a wait and see position.  Ozy was bold in his attack but paid the price for staying too long in a vulnerable situation.

This Thursday we will be playing a more positional game with a British set piece attack against a thinly stretched Axis defence.


Russ Fewtrell said...

The use of the smaller table once again makes for a great game. The 4 x 3ft table works very well and with limited space that really works well with 6 mm you are more limited in what you can do on the manoeuvre side.

I was pleased to have fitted a restraining bolt to Mark that nearly failed but with some forceful discipline I was able to execute my release of the reserve at the correct moment. If I had not held the reserve to that point in the game we would of been crushed for sure. Ozy's flank march was certainly committed against Mark but I knew that if I could deploy my AT guns it would prove hard for Ozy to hold.

Frank played a canny game and made excellent use of the dust and his defensive position that really helped the Germans to what could of been a clear win which was taken away by a very rare passed morale roll.

Good game, look forward to the next one. It's all ramping up for the 25th!

mark shakespeare said...

The bolt is coming off this Thursday