Wednesday, 14 June 2017

War of the roses DBA3

12 base army

4 armies

Yorkist army
1 knight, 4 bow, 4 blade, 1 cav, 1aux(Irish), 1 psiloi(xbow)

Lancashire army
1 knight, 4 bow, 4 blade, 1 cav, 1 pike(welsh)1 psiloi(handgun)
Base sizes are 90x60 and 90x30 for psiloi
I can make the cav deeper to 90x90 but not the knights
Would be good if you could make up your movement/shooting template for this


  1. Interesting to see what you think of this compared to Magnus Imperium.

  2. Nice one Mark but are you able to create 2 armies of 36 elements per side?

    That is the question!

    You might need to reduce the unit sizes. Remember DBA as it's written is a 12 element game. The big battle variation will provide an evenings entertainment whilst the standard rules only say an hour as you only need to lose 3 or 4 elements and the game is over.

    See what you can knock up. It looks like you have a load of figures there to use

  3. I think Magnus Imperium is a lot more fluid than DBA, Although with these big bases it should look epic