Monday, 20 November 2017

Pictorial Orders of Battle.

Hmmm, first problem - does any one know how I can rotate the above image?

Second problem - does any one know how I can generate labels and attach them to the image above?

Let me explain what I am trying to do.  The above is a bath tubbed version of 5th Light Panzer Division 1941 which basically means that one fighting battalion represents a brigade or regiment and that the supporting battalions are reduced to company sized units with no HQ.  This allows one player to comfortably play a divisional sized unit with all the attachments without being swamped by a host of elements.  In an operational game, a player will have a better sense of combined arms and the CinC will be ordering divisions and corp attachments rather then battalion sized reinforcements.  I think this will allow quicker games, quicker set ups, and a better understanding of the units under a players command without intensive schooling in WW2 organisations.

So, what I am trying to create is a pictorial representation of a division.  I think it's easier to understand the different units if you can see them before the game.  The element in the bottom left is the divisional CinC.  Behind him on the right is the recon battalion.  The next unit to its left is the panzer regiment and then to its left is the motorcycle infantry battalion.  These are the three fighting battalions that have HQs.  The divisional HQ can be attached to any of these units giving them a +1 for orders - he will require an order to move from one unit and reattach to another.  The final group on the far left are the attachments.

Hope that outlines my intentions.  Mark and I are planning to attempt a bath tubbed operational game on Saturday 2nd December - if anyone else is free please join in (unless Andy and his friend from the last operational game confirm they want to have a go in which case I will be putting on a proper original version as a friendly introduction).  I want to try out some of the streamlining ideas for an encounter battle and any help anyone can offer with the top two questions would be gratefully received!

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