Sunday, 8 July 2018

Mark and Ian's Big Day Out.

Next Sunday is the Joy of Six when Mark will be putting on "Austerlitz".  Traditionally, we wend our way to the show on the Saturday via war-games/military themed points of interest before hitting the centre of Sheffield.  Memorable visits have included Bosworth, the Armouries, Imperial War Museum and Caliver bookshop.

This year we are leaving early on Sunday morning and doing the show in one day.  However, we thought it might be a good idea to see what we could get up to in this area and save the money on a hotel.  The following is our current list of objectives.
Image result for western approaches liverpool
Western Approaches Museum, Liverpool
Image result for greasy spoon liverpool
A suitably refined establishment for breakfast.

Fort Perch Rock, New Brighton-by-Tom-Pennington.jpg
Fort Perch Rock. 

Image result for u boat birkenhead
The U-boat at Birkenhead - although their flimsy basing technique might be in danger with a visit from Mark!
Image result for cheshire regiment museum
The Cheshire Regimental Museum.

Image result for chester walls
The city walls of Chester, which may include a beer or two!

Image result for zulu movie
A curry/BBQ may well complete the day with the blue ray version of Zulu for evening entertainment.  The superb 1971 and 12 days will also be on the menu or do we watch Waterloo to get us in the mood for Austerlitz?

Other objectives may get included but I must admit I'm looking forward to next weekend!


  1. Looking forward to No 2.
    You will know it is good quality if your cutlery sticks to the table

  2. As long as you don't end up in Burton Upon Trent you will survive relatively unscathed!

    Hope you enjoy the weekend and the show on Sunday.

    1. Thanks Russ - are you interested in coming along on the Saturday?

  3. Thanks for the offer Ian but I have to work Saturday morning and then I need to make a start on replacing the garden fence.