Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Modern Spearhead: Luftwaffe Victory Flypast

I have re based my West German Aircraft to match my ground forces and employed a clear acrylic 3mm rod to stand them on. When sat on a terrain table the rod disappears

I am quite pleased with the outcome and am going to employ the same method using thinner acrylic rods (I can get 1mm thick) for my General Quarters WWII British Navy Aircraft.

From left to Right :Bolkow 105, Alpha Jet, pair of Tornado's and trio of F4 Phantoms, the middle one, in Austrian Air Force colours (another NATO ally everyone forgets)

I have more helicopters, both attack and transport to base. I need UH-1D , CH53 and NH60 helicopters for some of the support elements or my Airborne Division and some Transall C-160 transport aircraft for dropping paras. I'm also short a few more Alpha Jets and depending on scenario and decade I'm going to require a couple of F104 Starfighters.


  1. They look very good. I might be interested in some 1mm acrylic rod. I emailed the laser cut guy and asked about tail rotors but I've not had a reply yet.