Friday, 13 December 2013

AGM for 2014

Last night we discussed our ideas for next year and how we were going to construct the first six months.  The general idea is that a reasonable structure with allowance for some freedom nearer the time will give us a good choice of games that covers all of our current interests.  In addition, if its not painted or the rules have not already been play tested then it will not feature in the first six months.  Jon, you were missed and we think you would want to put on some ACW.  We have included a week in the first free month during February but if you want more let us know.  There is also Saturdays to play and we did not know if you wanted to use Gauntlet next year.

The remaining four of us have agreed on the following;

The format for the first six months is a planned month followed by an alternate free month.  We have set out February but at the end of that month we need to plan out April and then at the end of April plan out June.

January; WW1 Russ & Ian (possibly Phil if he has his British finished)
Feb Week 1; ACW Jon
       Week 2; VAS Ian
       Week 3; WW2 spearhead Russ
       Week 4; Japanese PoW Phil
March; Ancients Mark
April; Free Month
May; Japanese Campaign Phil
June; Free Month

In addition, I shall be putting on four major battles from the War of the Austrian Succession in 2014 on a Saturday in each quarter; 1st quarter will be Dettingen, 2nd quarter Fontenoy.  Please, will everyone let me know which will be the best Saturday (or possibly Friday) in the 1st quarter.


Can we have a noticeboard page?
Can we change to magazine format?
Can we add and file battle maps/OOB deatils etc?
Can we have a rule amendments/errata page for our different rule sets?
Can we use the blog to introduce battles/campaigns?

The above questions are aimed at all of us.  The Blog should provide whatever each of us expects but with the opportunity for us all to collectively hone and develop it.  This could be a fabulous resource for campaigns, communication and development of our general approach to wargaming.


Russ will develop specific terrain boards for Flodden
Phil is developing better roads
Mark is looking into props for backscenes
I am looking at more terrain based battles during 2014.  Next weeks battle (Banja Luka) will be an introduction to this approach.

New Periods

The following are potential developments and play tests during the first six months for the last six months of 2014.  It will be interesting to see how many of these happen!

Dark Ages; Russ & Phil
AWI; Phil
Italian Wars; Russ & Ian
WW1 Russians; Mark
WW1 1914/15 British; Russ
WW1 1916-18 British; Phil
Expand Medieval period; Mark
WW2 Hong Kong; Ian
Develop Operation Nostalgia; Mark & Ian
Napoleonic Russians; Mark
Flodden; Russ

Shows, Museums, Visits

Joy of Six

I would be happy to construct a morning visit to sites relating to the siege of Chester followed in the afternoon by the battle of Rowton Moor.  Please let me know if anyone would be interested.

Visit to Bosworth Visitor Centre.

As ever, feel free to comment or add.


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