Sunday, 8 December 2013

Finally managed to get on to post!

Thanks for your message Ian, with the focus now on 2014 my own thoughts for the Year (or at least the first 6 Months) are geared towards focusing more on less if you follow!

I have deliberately picked 2 painting Projects to concentrate on in 2014 which will enable me to expand further into Principles Of War Renaissance and Spearhead Great War II.

I also really would like to get more involved in scenery, specifically high density foam boards.
Now that I have invested in an air brush I think this will come in very handy for such things.

I am all for Theme Months but also in favour of some flexibility along the way.

I am happy to propose just three themed Months for now, one of which is really a contribution.

Italian Wars - POWR (Ian & Russ) - this is dependant on what else Ian has got left to paint after I finish his Pikes so I can't say what Month this is planned for yet.

Flodden - POWR I have a ton of metal on it's way from Baccus which will allow me to field an early Tudor and Scots army for this battle. I think this will fall into the last 6 Months of 2014 to be realistic.

WW1 - Naval - Victory @ Sea Dreadnought rules. - Other than purchasing the rule book I have not looked into this any further but would like to think I could put some games on later in the Year?

I would need some feedback regarding anyone else's interest in building a fleet ?

Other than the above I am happy to just turn up and play whatever else you all have planned!

I will be casting my votes on more WW1 games though in 2014 as the period is certainly one of my favourites.

See you all Thursday evening.


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