Monday, 9 December 2013

Played last xmas at Ian's
Rules Fast Play Grande armee

The Grande Armee
the British line looks awfully thin

the French attack hougermont and the British left flank trying to commit the British reserves


the guard are on the march to Le hay saint
The Prussians arrive (quite early)
hougermont falls after bitter fighting and the British right comes under pressure
The Prussians reach plancenoir and the French fall back to form a new defensive line
the guard go in as picton watches from the safety of the ridge
along the line
Le hay saint falls as the guard grind on!
the Prussians in force but took a long time to make their presence felt
the British right about to go as uxbridge and the Prussians try to retake Le hey saint.
When the end came the battle had turned 90 degrees with the French holding position on the height once occupied by the duke of orange and the Prussians attacking across the valley.
after almost 12hrs of bitter fighting the British failed their break test and withdrew to Brussels and a quick boat home. but what's this! mon deu the French needed a break test at the same time and all the emperor needed was 8 and under with 2D6. Just when he needed his usual low roll, he rolled high and the French withdrew back to Paris leaving the Prussians in possession of the field.
a great battle using fast play Grande armee rules and at the end we were like two exhausted boxers just blindly swinging.


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