Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Italian Wars Campaigns - Sieges

I posted the movement, turn, sequence and line of supply rules last time and now I present the simple rules for taking a region.  These were common during the wars and I expect them to be the most frequent form of combat in our campaign.

Every region has a fortified city and is garrisoned by 1x unit with a strength representative of its revenue.  Principle territories are marked on the map and are garrisoned by two garrisons.  A single siege will determine the ownership of that territory.  PoW morale and melee tables are used during sieges.
A besieging army will either blockade, bombard or assault.  An engineer will give a +1 (or more if he has been previously successful) to all blockade, bombardment and assault rolls.
On a blockade, all units of each side suffer 1x D4 losses.  At the end of each season the garrison rolls on the morale table and checks the following results:
Shaken results effect any assaults in the next season.
Retire Shaken and they retire with one loss into the city’s citadel but surrender if there is no army of relief prepared to fight the besiegers. 
A route = surrender.
On a bombardment the garrison takes 1x D4 losses for each Heavy Artillery unit deployed by the besiegers and must take a morale test as above.  Then the besieger must decide on whether to launch an assault before the season ends.
On an assault the besieger decides on how many units he will commit.  The garrison rolls a morale check for each unit with the results as above counting the -2 for shaken from any previous results.  The city walls give the garrison +2 morale.  Subsequently the garrison then inflicts 1x Av Die casualties against each assaulting unit which then tests for morale.  Each assaulting unit that passes its morale will then inflict 1x D4 casualties upon the garrison which then makes a final morale check.  If the garrison hasn’t retired or routed then the assault has failed.
After an assault the besieger may roll for another bombardment and if he so chooses, another assault, and so on.  He may only bombard again after an assault.  Otherwise, the siege becomes a blockade and the season ends.  However, if there is an army of relief in the region then a battle is fought after the first assault.  If the army of relief is beaten the city will automatically surrender.

Again, let me know if you have any questions.

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